Teach us to Pray

A letter from Todd

Dear Antioch Family-

Last Sunday, we began a new sermon series called Teach us to Pray.  This was last minute change from what we had planned, but over the last month I’ve had a growing sense that what we need most right now is to grow in our ability to pray.

Like the fire in a hot-air ballon, I believe prayer creates the ‘lift’ we need to fulfill our purposes — both individually and as a church.  However, if you’re anything like me, prayer can be sometimes be a frustrating experience.  I’ve found myself asking hard questions: how much do I need to pray?  Why wasn’t that prayer answered?  Why does prayer feel like so much work?  Often, I’ve just gotten discouraged and resorted to offering the occasional token prayers at meal times or on my way to bed.

But lately, I’ve been encouraged by the story from the Gospel of Luke when one of Jesus’ disciples approached Him and said, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).  His sincere request acknowledged that we don’t always know how to pray very effectively.  I’m glad he asked the question, because Jesus responded by teaching him the Lord’s Prayer – the most well known prayer of all-time.

So as we embark on this series, I want to encourage you to take the humble posture of this disciple and ask God to teach you how to pray.  I have a hunch that as He teaches us, we’ll discover that prayer really does change things.

On a practical note, if you have a testimony of God answering prayer over the next few weeks, please tell me or your LifeGroup leader about it.  Also, to provide more opportunities to pray, we are going to be starting an early morning prayer meeting.  Beginning on the 17th March. It will be held at the church from 7:30-8:15am and breakfast will be provided afterwards.  We invite you all to join us for corporate prayer at the start of the week.