Changes for Students and Youth

A Letter from Todd

Dear Antioch Family,

I am excited to announce a significant change to the role of one of our staff members.  Over the last few months, as we have prayed about the direction of the church and the student ministry in particular, we have sensed the Holy Spirit highlighting Ben Andrassy as the right person to lead the students.

Since last summer, we have faced the challenge of filling the large void left by the tragic loss of our former Student Pastor, Stephen Donnelly.  Thankfully, Sarah Taylor and James Beech have stepped in over the past year to lead the students.  They have done a wonderful job bringing the students together, helping them grieve and forging a way ahead.  The student ministry has grown and healed under their leadership and I am so proud of them.

I believe Ben’s evangelistic gift, his commitment to discipleship and passion for students make him well-suited to this role.  In addition, as I have walked closely with Ben and Tammy through the tragedies they have endured over the past year, I have been astonished by their steadfast love for Jesus and their commitment to living in community even in the midst of great pain.  Because of this, I have complete trust in Ben and anticipate a great things ahead for our Student ministry under his leadership.


Practically, James will continue work closely with Ben to lead the students.  Sarah will be helping with the transition and will gradually phase out to focus on her Administrative and Communications roles.

Since Ben previously served as the Youth Pastor this naturally raises questions about what will happen with the youth. Over the past year, almost all of our youth have transitioned out of the church for various reasons.  As we have prayed about this, we have sensed that we need to wait for the right person and the right timing before we re-launch the youth ministry.  This was a difficult decision for everyone as we have seen lives powerfully transformed in our youth ministry over the years.  However, because of God’s deep love for the youth of Sheffield, I am confident it will not be long before we have a flourishing youth ministry again.  In the meantime, we have encouraged our youth to continue to be involved in LifeGroup and discipleship.  If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Finally, I want to say that I am feeling a growing sense of excitement and anticipation for what God has in store for us as a church this autumn. Psalm 126:5 says “Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy.” Over the past year, we have sown in tears, I believe we will soon hear shouts of joy over what God is doing in our mist.

May God bless each of you with a restful summer and fill you with faith for what is to come.

In His Strength and Love,