Tania’s Story

Tania was facing some personal issues in her life.  She didn’t know her purpose or where her life was heading. She noticed the transformation in Martina’s life and started meeting up with her.  One night, Katrina and Martina shared the Gospel and their testimonies with her.  When they finished, Tania invited Jesus into her heart!  As they prayed for her, Tania experienced God’s presence and felt instantly more focused and at ease.  Since then, Tania has started to take control of her life and has already made some important and positive decisions. Having Jesus by her side has made her a stronger, healthier and happier person!

We believe that the church is the hope of the world and that everyone one of us has a part to play in this great adventure. Every month we will be sharing testimonies of what God is doing in Antioch Sheffield to encourage, equip and inspire us to love Jesus, love the lost and change the world. 

We also want to hear what God’s continuing to do across our church so send us an email and let us know your story…