Time with Jesus Guide – Day 3: Our God is an Accepting God

Suggested Song: “Sinking Deep” by Hillsong Young & Free

We are easily tricked by the enemy into believing that the God we serve has a checklist that He is constantly checking to see if we’ve been good enough. In the back of our minds, we think God watches us saying, ‘Hmm…they did a good deed. I shall answer one prayer.’ But God’s favour on our lives, His acceptance of us as children, is an unconditional and free gift. Today’s verses are a trio of famous stories about God’s heart for us, and how even when we completely blow it, if we take the simple step back towards Him of admitting our mistake–not paying for it, just confessing it–He runs to love and accept us.

Luke 15: 1-32

As you read, ask yourself these questions:

  • What does this passage tell me about God?
  • What does this passage tell me about myself?
  • How can I apply this passage to my life?

1. Confess to God any ways that you have doubted that He accepts you. Confess any sin connected to those doubts.
2. Ask God to show you what it means that He accepts you today.
3. Ask Him if there is anything else He wants to tell you.
4. Pray that the many students flooding back into Sheffield this week will encounter God’s love and turn their lives over to Him. Pray for the Love Your Campus outreach as it continues this week.