Levi’s Story

Children’s Pastor Tammy Andrassy shares about her son Levi (4) placing his faith in Jesus:

For a while Levi has been asking many questions about Jesus and the Christian life. He talks about Him every day and will regularly ask whether other people know Jesus or not. If we say no, he will challenge us to tell them about Jesus ourselves!

A few weeks ago, on the 29th July, we were having a talk about following Jesus and Levi asked if everyone who goes to church is going to heaven. I explained that in order to go to heaven, we need to ask for forgiveness for the things we’ve done wrong, to believe that He died for us and commit to following Jesus all the days of their lives. He seemed to understand this, so I asked him if he wanted to was ready to do those things and he said yes!

He prayed out loud and asked Jesus to forgive him for his sins and that promised to follow him. Since then his understanding of who Jesus is in our lives has been grown. He even tried to share Jesus with one of his little friends!

It’s brought such joy to Ben and I to see our son discover Jesus with his childlike faith.

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