Katrina’s Story

A few weeks ago, I went on our Antioch Discipleship School (ADS) outreach to Nottingham. We partnered with a local church and they pushed us well outside our comfort zones by asking us to go door-to-door sharing Jesus in their local neighbourhoods.

On the first night of our trip I had a really strange dream. God often speaks to me through dreams, but this one didn’t seem like it was about me. As I thought about it the next morning it seemed like the Holy Spirt was saying that the dream was significant for someone else, but at the time I no idea who that might be.

That afternoon, as we went door-to-door, we met a young woman who seemed eager to hear more about my testimony and about God — the first person I’d met that weekend who was open to the gospel. She was busy at that time and couldn’t talk for long, but invited me to come back the following afternoon.

When we returned next day, she invited us in and once again, her hunger for God was evident in our conversation. I asked if I could pray with her but just as I was about to pray, the dream popped back into my mind. My heart started racing as I realised that the dream was for her. Part of me didn’t want to risk telling her the dream — what if I was wrong? But another part of me thought I’d rather risk being wrong than miss out on an opportunity for her to experience God’s love.

I knew the dream would be very sensitive for her; so instead of telling her what I’d seen in the dream, I carefully asked her a few questions which to help me determine if I was on the right track or not. As soon as I asked the first question, she began weeping. With growing confidence that the dream was actually for her, I told her that while I obviously know nothing about her or her past, God did.  And because God loves her so much, He showed me a few things about her life in order for her to understand that He is real, that He loves her and longs for her to be free.

After sharing some of my own story and how Jesus had changed my life, I asked if she wanted to start living her life with Jesus. She said yes! So I explained to her what it meant to ask Jesus into her life, what He did for her and how to pray. After we finished praying, she told me she felt really happy, peaceful and warm in her chest. I explained she was experiencing the presence of Jesus.  It was a beautiful moment.

I walked away astonished at how I got to partner with God to reach this girl. I had done something that was really uncomfortable for me — going door-to-door to tell people about Jesus. But God had supernaturally blessed my small step of faith by granting me a dream which would unlock her heart. I was amazed at the lengths He went to to reach her, and experiencing the joy of getting to be a part of what Jesus was doing in seeking and saving the lost.

Thank you Jesus!