Laura’s Testimony from Sicily

One instance of God’s immense power demonstrated was when our team members prayed for a lady of Romanian descent who had sustained a serious injury from being in a car accident and who was unable to walk without the help of her crutch begin walking.

The team had previously met her and shared the gospel with her, to which she responded in faith, accepting Jesus into her heart. It was only during our second encounter with her that she related how a car had hit her and now she was unable to walk. As we examined her foot, we saw that i had swollen up to more than twice its size and had been mangled in certain places. We asked her if we could pray for her leg to be healed and she agreed.

As we begin to pray, we felt the Holy Spirit wanting us to pray for specific location where pain and immobility was present. Slowly, much to the surprise of everyone around, she begin to move her foot and even hobble around without her crutch. However, we only saw complete healing take place when the lady, who had not been able to stand without aid, strode over to where the team had settled for dinner. It was only in that time that we realised the full extent of God’s healing that had taken place!