A passion for Jesus and His purposes in the Earth.

The Antioch Name

Antioch is the name of a city in modern-day Turkey where the earliest followers of Jesus were first called “Christians” (Acts 11:26). Antioch soon became a hub for sending missionaries throughout the world (Acts 13).

We call ourselves Antioch Community Church, because just like the first Christians, we want to love Jesus wholeheartedly and begin a church-planting movement that will impact our city, the nation, and the world.

Values and Culture

We believe that God has big plans for Sheffield. It’s more than just a city with an industrial history. It’s become a home to people from all over the world. Our desire is to bring Jesus to every corner of this city by training authentic followers of Jesus and by developing leaders to impact the world around them.

We exist to raise up a new generation of Jesus followers.

What we believe

If you would like to read our full statement of faith, download Antioch Sheffield’s statement of beliefs [pdf file]

Leadership Team

Todd Roberts

Lead Pastor

Lauren Roberts

Prayer Coordinator

Ian Merton

Associate & Student Pastor

Katrina Merton

Worship Pastor

Charlotte Vardy

Children's Pastor

Family of Churches

Antioch Community Church Sheffield is part of a growing family of churches called the Antioch International Movement of Churches. With 70 churches in 25 countries*, the Antioch movement began more than 20 years ago and is based out of Antioch Community Church in Central Texas, our original sending church.

As a movement our desire is to live with a passion for Jesus and His purposes in the earth. We are dedicated to seeing the local church reproduce the Kingdom of God through evangelism and discipleship.

More information on the Antioch International Movement of Churches can be found below:
Antioch International Movement of Churches
Antioch Community Church, Waco

*as of December 2013


Antioch was planted in 2005 by a team sent out from Antioch Community Church in central Texas. Led by Daniel and Jeannie McGinnis, the church initially met at St. Andrews United Reformed Church. In 2011, after an extensive renovation, we moved into our current facility on Headford Street.

Team Sheffield 2005

In 2013, Todd and Lauren Roberts became the lead pastors, having served on the leadership team since 2007.


Antioch is overseen by a local board of directors. We also have a Board of Advisors from the Antioch Movement including: