Exiles: Holiness = Freedom

What if you woke up tomorrow to find that your biggest struggles were gone? The addictions, the bad habits, the shameful vices, all gone. You would be relieved, overjoyed. That’s what God desires for us when He calls us to a lifestyle of holiness. The key to a life of holiness is recognizing that we cannot make ourselves holy through our own effort. Instead, Jesus has made us holy through His death. Therefore, we don’t have to become holy, we are holy.

    Todd Roberts
Series: Exiles
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Easter Part 2: The Resurrection

There is a lot of skepticism about the resurrection of Jesus. But without it, Christianity would not exist. Thankfully, believing in the resurrection is not just a blind leap of faith, there are rational reasons to believe that it actually happened. The question is if, it happened, what does that mean for you?

    Todd Roberts
Series: Easter 2017
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