Exiles: Resisting the Devil

As Peter closes out his letter, he discusses the devil. We can fall into two errors concerning the devil: either we are dismissive and sceptical of the devil’s existence, or we’re hyper-focused on him. Peter affirms the devil is real and gives clear instructions for resisting him and living in freedom.

    Todd Roberts
Series: Exiles
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Love Has Legs

Guest speaker Helen Cottee shares her story of becoming a Christian while at University. Her transformation wasn’t the result of a dynamic church service or powerful sermons, it was the result of the Christians she met opening their lives to her and offering what they had to demonstrate the love of God.

    Guest Speaker
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Exiles: Spiritual Gifts

It’s easy to think that spiritual gifts are only for a select few. But Peter explains that God has given each of us spiritual gifts: special abilities that help the church flourish. So how do you know what your spiritual gift is? And how do you make use of it? Knowing and using your spiritual gifts are critical to help you fulfil your unique role in the church.

    Todd Roberts
Series: Exiles
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